Additional Services

Additional Services Offered to Our Boarding Guests

Nature Walks: 

This is a half an hour walk with one of our trained techs through the beautiful scenic horse trails of Painted Gaits Farm. Dogs are double leashed for safety and sprayed with a homemade bug spray to keep any pesky ticks, flies or gnats away.  

$10 Per Walk Per Dog

Arena Tenni Ball:

This is half an hour spent playing fetch one on one with your dog in our 72′ by 140′ Horse Arena. The dogs love the large open area where they can run and fetch (and sometimes they even bring it back to us)! Dogs are double leashed for safety when walked to the arena.

$10 Per Session Per Dog

All Day Group Play:

For our playful boarders, sign them up for All Day Group Play in our Daycare Facility. Dogs will play with friends (in a group separated by size and temperament) from 8am to 5pm with an hour lunch/rest break in the afternoon.  (Boarding friends may also participate in Senior Daycare or K9-Fit Daycare)

$20 Per Day Per Dog. Available Monday through Friday Only.


Swimming in our new heated indoor pool is always a fun part of any dog’s stay. Your dog will swim one on one with a trained tech, chasing toys and swimming laps. All day group play swimmers will swim in a group of friends for half an hour.

$10 Per Session Per Dog OR

$5 Per Session Per Dog When Coinciding With All Day Group Play (Monday through Friday Only)

A quiet place to stay and play