Aquatic and Fitness Center

Our Brand New Aquatic and Fitness Center Will Help Your Dogs Stay in Shape and Shed Some Pounds Along the Way!

Blue-9 Klimbs for elevated training learning “place” and focus in a group setting or one on one

K9 Fit Paws for stability and strengthening

Heated Indoor Pool for muscle strength, weight loss OR just for fun fun fun!



Hunter Perry. 11 years old.

“Our border collie, Hunter, absolutely  hated the water. Even our granddaughter, who she adores, couldn’t get her in. So when we went on a 10 day vacation we had Bunk give her swimming lessons. We are boaters, as well as having a pool, so knowing she could get to shore was paramount. When we returned, to our surprise, they couldn’t keep her out of the pool! She’s 11 years old, a bit over weight and she has slimmed down and can even jump in our car by herself now! Swimming lessons are a must for dogs, just like our our two legged kids.”

-Dina and Chuck Perry



A quiet place to stay and play