Heated Indoor Pool


Our brand new Aquatic Center features a 17′ by 40′ heated indoor pool ready for use all year long! Sign your dog up to swim any day they are here for daycare or boarding OR give us a call (269-684-2865) to schedule Private Swim Time or Swimming Lessons with our trained Pool Tech. 

*There is a $150 Clean-Up fee if your pet defecates in the pool. Please be sure your dog potties outside before entering the Aquatic Center. 


For dogs that are visiting Bunk and Biscuit for Boarding or Daycare, a half an hour of pool time can be added any day of the week! Your dog will be leash walked to the Aquatic Center and will enjoy half an hour of fun in the pool either with a small group of friends or one on one with a swim tech depending on your dog’s personal needs. 

Board Swims are $10 per dog or $5 when in conjunction with All Day Group Play. Daycare group swims are $5 per dog.



This is a time for you to bring your dog in to let them swim and enjoy the pool on their own.  Appropriate attire is shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. Bathing suits are not suggested. There is a changing room and a bathroom with a full shower available for your use as well. A pool tech will not be with you in the pool, though a tech will be in the Aquatic Center.

Private Swims are $35 for half an hour of pool use and MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE.



Much like a private swim, an assisted swim adds the help of a trained pool tech. You are given half an hour for just your dog(s) to enjoy the pool. Some dogs need a little help getting in and out of the pool or getting the hang of the proper swim techniques. Our pool tech will gladly assist them. 

Assisted Swims are $45 for half an hour of pool use and MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. 



Not all dogs know how to swim! In fact, many dogs have no idea how to properly swim. What if your dog were to jump in to a lake, jump off a pier or fall off a boat? Dogs who do not know how to properly swim exert a lot of energy when they fall in to water and “panic” while trying to stay above water. This is how drowning occurs. Our trained Pool Tech will spend time working one on one with your dog teaching them the proper way to swim in our pool. Every dog is unique in their needs and we will cater to each individual dog’s needs.

Swimming Lessons are 1 hour per week for 4 weeks straight, just like a training class. Lessons are $180 for the 4 week session and MUST BE SCHEDULED AHEAD.



Throw a party for your pup and his/her friends! Scheduling a party gives you full use of our Aquatic Center which offers a full size kitchen (complete with refrigerator, microwave and a toaster oven), plenty of tables and chairs and lounging area for the dogs. There is also a dressing room and a full bathroom with a shower for our human guests. 

Birthday Parties give you 2 full hours in the Aquatic Center for $150. Cake/Food/Drinks can be provided for an additional fee.


Swimming Testimonials

Hunter Perry. 11 years old. Hated water before her swim lessons. Now swim time is her favorite part of every day!

“Our border collie, Hunter, absolutely  hated the water. Even our granddaughter, who she adores, couldn’t get her in. So when we went on a 10 day vacation we had Bunk give her swimming lessons. We are boaters, as well as having a pool, so knowing she could get to shore was paramount. When we returned, to our surprise, they couldn’t keep her out of the pool! She’s 11 years old, a bit over weight and she has slimmed down and can even jump in our car by herself now! Swimming lessons are a must for dogs, just like our our two legged kids.”

-Dina and Chuck Perry

Rookie had a degenerative spine disease, causing running and walking to be painful and quite difficult for her. The heated pool was just what she needed!
“The Heated Pool Saved Our Girl!!!!
Our sweet girl Rookie participated in Bunk & Biscuit daycare for over 10 years. She was an extremely active dog, loving to play during group play! Running was her favorite. She even helped me train for several marathons. 
Unfortunately, during her last few years, she developed spinal myelopathy. This degenerative disease gave her quite a bit of pain and left her with limited mobility. She no longer could run freely. 
Just when we were feeling hopeless, the trainers introduced her to the heated Pool!!! Rookie thrived! She could be free to “run” in the water, pain free! She was so relaxed and calm swimming in the pool. The pool provided a wonderful alternative for her to exercise. There was no pressure on her joints and her confidence improved. She spent the last years of her life enjoying the warm water of the indoor Pool. We are grateful to Bunk and Biscuit for all they do to improve the quality of life, for so many  beloved pets!!:
-Stephanie and Rob Molter 

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