Aquatic Center


Swim Time at Bunk and Biscuit is always a favorite part of our day! You can sign your dog up to swim any day they are here or give us a call (269-684-2865) to schedule Private Swim Time or Swimming Lessons with our trained Pool Tech. 

Private swims are $35 for a half an hour.  Swim lessons are $180 for 4 weeks of one on one lessons with our Pool Tech. 


This is a one on one (or two) swim with a client and their own dog. You are essentially renting the pool for your own use with your dog(s). A pool tech will not be with you, though a tech will be in the Aquatic Center.

Scheduling available: Thursday 6pm-8pm, Friday 6pm-8pm, Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday 10am-2pm.

30 minutes sessions for $35 – MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE! 


Swimming Lessons will work like training classes. It will be one session per week for 4 weeks.  Lesson will last last 1 hour and will be with our Pool Tech. 

Scheduling available: Thursday 6pm or 7pm, Friday 6pm or 7pm, Saturday 10am, 11am, I2pm, 1pm or 2pm and Sunday 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm or 2pm.

Cost is $180 for 4 weeks.

A quiet place to stay and play