Board and Train


Now  your dog can learn while you’re away!

Bunk and Biscuit is now offering training sessions with your pup while they board! Our trainer will meet and work with your dog one on one to learn basic manners. You choose how often and which manners you need help with. 

Options include: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop It, Leave It, Loose Leash Walking and No Jumping

You will be provided with progress reports from the trainer about each session, along with ways to continue their training at home. At the end of training, you will be given a video showing the progress they have made. 

  • 30 Minutes (2 sessions): $40
    • Choose up to 2 manners
  • 1 Hour (4 sessions): $80
    • Choose up to 4 manners
  • 2 Hours (8 sessions): $150  *minimum one week stay
    • Choose up to 7 manners
  • 4 Hours ( 16 sessions): $300  *minimum two week stay
    • Choose up to 8 manners



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