Board and Train


Now  your dog can learn while you’re away!

Bunk and Biscuit is now offering training sessions with your pup while they board! Our trainer will meet and work with your dog one on one to learn basic manners. You choose how often and which manners you need help with. 



  • LEVEL 1:
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Stay for one minute
    • Drop It
  • LEVEL 2:
    • No Jumping
    • Recall
    • Leash Walking
    • Leave It
  • LEVEL 3 (Behavior Modification)
    • Leash Reactivity
    • Resource Guarding
    • Owner’s Choice
  • PACKAGE 1:
    • 3 night minimum stay. 4 sessions of training. Choose 3 options from Level 1 and 1 option from Level 2. $100.
  • PACKAGE 2:
    • One week minimum stay. 8 sessions of training. Choose 3 options from Level 1 and 2 options from Level 2. $200.
  • PACKAGE 3:
    • Two week minimum stay. 16 sessions of training. Includes all 4 Level 1 options and 4 Level 2 options OR 2 Level 2 options and 1 level 3 option. *Must have trainer’s approval for behavior modification. $400.


All packages include a handout on how to continue your dog’s training at home as well as a video of your dog with a trainer doing the behaviors and showing you how to work with them. Our training results vary depending on the stress level and motivation of your dog. It will be up to you to continue the training at home and in new environments. 


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