Boarding at Bunk

Stress Free Boarding at Bunk & Biscuit

At Bunk and Biscuit, we strive to keep things as close to home as possible. We know leaving your pet overnight can be hard on an owner, so we keep it as easy on the pet as possible. We aren’t “kenneling” your dog; We’re providing a vacation for them!

Bunk and Biscuit is a cage free, all inclusive,  luxury resort for your 4-legged (or 3-legged) friend. All dogs stay in their very own private suite. We have no kennels or cages for boarding dogs. Each suite is furnished with a comfortable log bed (the size of a toddler bed) or a sturdy, yet comfortable kuranda bed for our more feisty visitors. Each guest is provided with fresh linens changed daily, a pillow and fun toys. We have stuffed toys and durable hard toys available.  A welcome treat is placed on their pillow as well (allergies are always noted). Each private suite is furnished with a flat screen TV on the wall to provide background noise much like they are used to at home. Don’t worry, all programs are doggie friendly! Suites include an automatic waterer or large bowl/buckets changed several times through the day. Suites are individually heated and cooled to keep your pet comfortable in all types of Michigan weather. 

What Do We Do All Day?

Your dog will be hand led outside into one of our secure play yards for potty breaks every 2 hours beginning at 7am and ending at 9pm. They are each treated to a minimum of 3 one hour long play times throughout the day as well. Play times are always weather permitting according to what each dog prefers. Your pet can play with others while they are here or alone with a tech. Play groups are always supervised and groups are separated by size, temperament and play style. Our techs are trained in canine body language and behavior, so they know what to look for and how to evaluate whether or not a dog is suited for group play. 

Can I Take A Tour?

Absolutely! We love visitors. Please feel free to stop in any time during office hours for a tour of our facilities. You are more than welcome to bring your dog along as well so they can sniff out the place. Tours do not need to be scheduled in advance.  (We do want to remind you that Sundays can be very busy and more difficult to accommodate tours. We are still more than happy to show you around. You’ll just have to be patient with us as we assist clients picking up their dogs.)

A quiet place to stay and play