Rates Hours Requirements

Boarding Rates:

$42 per day 1st Pet (when boarding in the same suite)
$33 per day 2nd Pet (when boarding in the same suite)
$28 per day 3rd Pet (when boarding in the same suite)

*Larger breeds may require separate suites

*Our rates are the same for all pets regardless of breed or size

Included in our daily rate:

  • Your pet will be hand lead outside every 2 hours to potty starting at 7am and ending at 9pm
  • Outside playtime 3 times a day- We offer group or individual play
  • A treat off of the treat cart given after each play and potty time
    *You may provide your own treats if your pet has allergies or is on a special diet*
  • Your pet will be fed as instructed by owner
    *We carry over 20 different brands of dry dog food plus a variety of wet dog food (Please visit our Menu page to see if we carry your pets brand of food)-If your brand is not included we ask that you bring in your own food Pre-Packaged for each feeding. Please include amount, brand and type on each package*
  • Medications will be administered as instructed by owner
  • Daily linen and suite cleaning
  • A tech will be in the facility with your pet from 7am-9pm every day including holidays and weekends
  • All of our love and affection is free! We love the hands on approach with your pet.

Hours for Check In and Check Out:

7am-6pm Monday-Friday
7am-12pm Saturday
4pm-6pm Sunday (There is always a charge for Sunday)

Boarding check in and check outs are accepted anytime during our normal business hours. $40 convenience fee for boarders dropping off or picking up outside of business hours and MUST be arranged in advance.

We work just like a hotel, you may check in anytime during business hours and check out by 12pm (Noon) Monday-Saturday. Sunday check out times are between 4pm-6pm. There is always a charge for Sunday. We DO NOT accept early check in/out on Sundays.

We require a credit card to hold your reservation but you may pay in any form on the day of departure.

You will be charged for not cancelling your reservation as follows:

  • One week in advance June 1st-September 30th
  • Two weeks in advance for ALL holidays
  • One week in advance for all Notre Dame Football games
  • 48 hours for all other dates

Vaccination Requirements:

These must be faxed, emailed or brought to us in writing

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • D/H/L/P
  • Rabies

“All day Group Play”

All day group play is playtime at our daycare facility with both daycare dogs and boarding dogs that are good group players from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

  • You may choose how many and what day(s) you would like your dog(s) to participate in “All day Group Play”
  • If you would like your dog(s) to play every day of the week then he/she may board in the daycare facility during his/her stay.
  • Our techs will hand lead your dog(s) from their suite to the daycare facility after AM feeding then from the daycare back to their suite before PM feeding.

A quiet place to stay and play