Dock Diving!

Check out our Beautiful Hand Crafted Dock and Diving Pool! 

Dock Diving is one of America’s fastest growing canine sports. In 2018, Bunk and Biscuit became a sanctioned facility with NADD (North America Diving Dogs). Our outdoor permanent pool and dock can be used for dock diving events and practices. Bunk & Biscuit’s “Michiana Diving Dogs” will host 4 events each year in which competitors compete for points earning themselves ribbons and titles.  (Check out the Events tab for dates.)

In Dock Diving, dogs are encouraged to run the length of the dock and leap as far into the water as possible, competing for height and distance.  The dogs are motivated with a prized toy which is thrown just out of their reach in order to keep their momentum for the best jump. Dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy the sport of Dock Diving! 


Rent Our Dock and Pool for Practice

The Dock Diving Pool is available for private practice times. You will be given half an hour on the dock to practice with your dog. If your dog is new to dock diving, our trained Pool Tech will take you first to our conference room to watch a short series of videos on introducing your dog to the sport. After watching this video, we ask that you show us that your dog is able to swim. (Not all dogs know how to swim!) Dogs with an active NADD membership are taken right to the dock for practice. 

Dock time is $35 for half an hour or $45 if you would like a Dock Tech to assist you. If you are new to Dock Diving, you must have a Tech with you to “show you the ropes”. All rentals MUST be scheduled in advance. 


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