K9-Fit Daycare

A Structured Day of Fitness and Fun

K9-Fit Daycare is our newest class for daycare dogs. K9-Fit is perfect for dogs who need to shed a few pounds, those who have become a little lazy or dogs who just need a more structured daycare day! 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will have a special daycare classroom dedicated to K9-Fit. The class will be led by a Pet Tech certified Daycare Tech and will include group play, Fit Paw exercise to focus on muscle strengthening, Follow the Leader walks throughout the daycare runs and classrooms, group swim time, obstacle course fun, puzzle times, daily weight-ins and more! We will also provide nutritional advice for those looking to lose weight and get on a healthier path in life.

Regular daycare rates, hours and requirements apply.


A quiet place to stay and play