Pool Rules

In order to keep our Aquatic Center safe, clean and fun for all, there are a few rules that must be followed:

  • Liability forms MUST be signed and given to office before entering pool.
  • Dog’s nails must be trim. If a dog’s nails are long or sharp, they will be clipped and filed at the cost of $12 before they enter the pool.
  • No outside life jackets. We have life jackets of all sizes that can be used for any dog in need.
  • No Diving (humans).
  • No Throwing Your Dog into the Pool.
  • No Rough Housing (humans).
  • No Running (humans).
  • No Glass Containers in Pool Area. 
  • You MUST use the stairs to get dog in and out of the pool. DO NOT allow dogs to climb out the sides of the pool. This will rip the liner of the pool. Failure to use stairs will result in immediate dismissal from the Aquatic Center. 
  • There is a $150 clean-up fee if your pet defecates in the pool. Please be sure they potty outside before entering the Aquatic Center.


A quiet place to stay and play