Senior Daycare

A Structured Day For Our Senior Friends 

“Dog’s don’t stop playing because they grow old: Dogs grow old because they stop playing.”

Do you have a dog at home who’s a little bit older? Perhaps they spend their days just laying around, not getting much exercise at all? One of the greatest ways to put a little pep back into their step is with Senior Daycare! Senior Daycare is great for dogs who are out of shape, have bad hips, sore knees or those who are just starting to “show their age”. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our indoor Aquatic Center is dedicated to our ‘senior’ friends. Senior daycare is a structured day of Daycare scheduled with your senior dog’s needs in mind. Their day will include quiet group play, assisted swims to sooth achy muscles and joints, Canine Fit Paw work for core strengthening, individual massage and of course plenty of cozy nap time. 

Regular daycare rates, hours and requirements will apply. (Senior dogs are of course still welcome any day of the week. They will just participate in regular group play other days.)

A quiet place to stay and play