Training Classes


Puppy Classes: 

Our puppy class is available to pups between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks old at the start of class. In this class, we will focus on a variety of puppy issues including potty training, mouthing, proper socialization, jumping and dog to dog interaction. Puppies will have time to learn and socialize with other puppies of various sizes. Socialization at a young age helps teach puppies how to communicate with other dogs, bite inhibition and helps prevent future dog aggression and reactivity. We will also work on basic manners and obedience. Classes run for 6 weeks meeting once per week and are $130. The first class is always orientation for humans only. Please do not bring dogs to your first class. 

Basic Manners:

For dogs 20 weeks or older. In our manners class we will teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog. We will work on a variety of issues such as: leash walking, jumping and leave it. We will also learn basic obedience such as: sit, stay, down, come and place. Every dog and handler team is different and has different issues, so we will cater to what you and your dog need. Classes run for 6 weeks meeting once per week and are $130. The first class is always orientation for humans only. Please do not bring your dogs to your first class. 

Door Manners:

Is there a lot of ‘drama’ that happens when you have guests over? Does your dog constantly bark or alert when they think they hear something at the door? When guests come over, do you have to apologize for your dog’s behavior  because they are jumping all over them? In this class, we will learn to cut the drama from the door and teach you how to train your dog to be calm and collected when people come OVER. Door Manners is a 4 week class meeting once per week for an hour and is $100 for the class. 

Tricks Class:

Does your dog need some way to get rid of excess energy? Is your dog too smart for its own good? In tricks class, every week we will go over 2 to 3 new tricks to teach your dog. This class is great for any age dog and human. Be prepared to ‘wow’ your friends with your pup’s new skills. Tricks class runs for 4 weeks meeting once per week and is $100. 

Potty Training 101:

Having issues getting your dog or puppy to potty outside? In this seminar we will go over the best way to set your pup up for successful potty training. We will problem solve and come up with solutions and management plans for you pup. This is a one time seminar lasting one hour for parents only (no pups) and is just $25. The next date will be posted soon.

Leash Walking:

In this class, we will spend 3 weeks working on one of the hardest skills: Leash Walking! This class will focus on building a foundation and then working up to distractions. We will go over different ‘equipment’ to use and how to properly use them. This class will require a lot of work outside of class, so please come ready to learn! Leash Walking is a 3 week class meeting for one hour per week and is $75 for the class.

Reactive Dog Class:

Do you have a dog that barks/lunges at other dogs when they see them? In this class we will learn hoe to communicate with your our dogs and make them feel comfortable around other dogs. We will focus on using positive techniques to change behavior. This is an intense class, so please come prepared to learn. Reactive Dog classes are limited to just 4 people/pets per class. This is a 6 week class meeting one hour per week and is $160 for the course. The first class is always orientation for parents only. Please do not bring your dog to the first session.

*More new and exciting classes coming soon!

**Private Training also available for those dogs needing specialized one on one time with a trainer. 


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