Training Club


Bunk and Biscuit’s Training Club is a monthly membership that focuses on offering the perfect balance of play and learning. Not only will your dog have fun running and playing with friends, but he or she will be worn out mentally after working on new manners and skills all day. The Training Club is a new type of daycare that combines structured training and play time. 

What will my dog learn?

Our training club has different levels for your dog to advance in. Dogs will move at their own pace during the program. Levels 1-4 are basic obedience, levels 5 & 6 are advanced obedience. After level 6, we work on extra-curricular activities such as agility, nose work and rally-obedience.


Level 1:

  • Sit and down with verbal and hand signal
  • Implied stays up to 5ft for 2 minutes
  • Recall from 10ft away
  • No jumping

Level 2:

  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit and down with verbal or hand signal only
  • Implied stays up to 10ft for 5 minutes
  • Place for up to 10 minutes and 10ft away
  • Leave it

Level 3:

  • Loose leash walking with distractions (humans and dogs)
  • Place for up to 15 minutes and 20ft away
  • Recall from 20ft away with distractions
  • Polite and proper greetings (humans and dogs)

Level 4:

  • Canine Good Citizen test
    • AKC CGC certification upon passing

Level 5:

  • Tricks
  • Off leash heeling
  • Recall from 30ft with distractions

Level 6:

  • Relax on cue
  • Place for 30 minutes and 20ft away
  • Leave it transfer to dogs and people
  • Advanced tricks

Extra Curricular:

  • Agility
  • Nosework
  • Rally-Obedience

Training Club Rates and Hours

Training Club is held twice weekly on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Drop off between 7am and 10am and pick up between 3pm and 6pm.

$540 Due the 1st of every month.

Includes two days a week in our specialized Training Daycare, up to 10 hours of group training and playing per day, monthly one-on-one meetings with your dog’s trainer, up to 2 hours of individualized training per day and daily progress reports. 


A quiet place to stay and play