What To Expect From Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare can be a fun and wonderful experience for your pup! Here are few things to keep in mind when sending your dog to play.

Benefits of Daycare:
  • Socialization: Puppies need to learn at a young age how to behave in groups of dogs and to trust new people. They will also learn basic commands/manners from our Techs. Socialization is good for older dogs as well. It can help them stay young and playful for years to come!
  • Confidence: Daycare can help even the most reserved dog with his confidence. Being with other dogs, they learn behaviors and social ques that us humans can’t teach them. It may take some time, but you will see your dog grow into a whole new pooch!
  • Anxiety: Instead of staying home alone, worrying and possibly eating your furniture, daycare provides them with an escape from their anxiety. 
  • Exercise: Your dog will burn off TONS of energy in daycare! They spend their day frolicking in the play yards, wrestling with their buddies, splashing in the pools, chasing tennis balls, popping bubbles and playing tug of war with each other. We also offer plenty of comfortable resting spots for when they’re ready to relax.
What to Expect AFTER Daycare:
  • Increased Appetite/Thirst: With extra activity, it’s normal for dogs to be more hungry or thirsty than usual. We have fresh water available at all times inside and out; however, when the dogs are busy having fun, they don’t always stop to drink as much as they should. We also offer lunch while your dog is here for daycare, if requested. If we do not carry what he/she eats, you may bring a labelled Ziploc baggie of their food from home.
  • Sore Paws: The surface of our daycare areas include grass, pea gravel, concrete, rubber mulch and mats. It is common for dogs who are new to us to experience tender feet. If we notice a dog’s paws becoming sore, we will limit their outdoor play and use bag balm on their pads. They don’t often show signs until they are home because they are having so much fun. To help relieve them, you can soak their paws in Epsom salt or rub Bag Balm on them several times a day.
  • Boo-Boos: Dogs play with their claws and teeth. The more active of a player your dog is, the more likely they are to come home with marks or scratches. Our groups are always supervised and we do our best to keep our dogs safe and scratch free, but sometimes it just happens. If we notice any marks on your dog, we will let you know right away.
  • Cooties: Daycare for dogs is really no different than daycare for children. Every child  catches a cold at some point. Unfortunately, dogs can not tell us when they don’t feel well. We may not know they are “sick” until they show physical signs such as sneezing, coughing or diarrhea. We do everything in our power to prevent illnesses in our facility, but nothing is fool proof. If we notice anything at all, we will let you know. If YOU notice your dog is not feeling well, please keep them home to prevent spreading any illness. 

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