Bunk and Biscuit is an all-inclusive, all-suite pet resort offering luxury boarding to canine companions. All suites are individually heated and air-conditioned, have ceramic tile floors and a flat screen T.V. on the wall to make your pet feel at home and eliminate outside noises.

We have 3 “barns” for boarding dogs. The main kennel has 17 suites on the main floor which include a log bed with a soft blanket, pillow and welcome treat along with an automatic water bowl which offers your pet clean and fresh water at all times. Upstairs, our 6 mezzanine suites include the same amenities plus a big picture window with a view your pet is sure to love. The pets in these suites are offered bottled drinking water and bowls easier for smaller pets to drink out of.  Their water bowls are changed frequently throughout the day to ensure they always have fresh water available.

Our Kennel 2 has 12 main floor suites and 17 mezzanine suites all with either log beds or comfy Kuranda beds. Each bed is made up with a sheet (or fuzzy sherpa cover for Kurandas), soft blanket, pillow and a welcome treat. Water bowls and buckets are changed often throughout each day to ensure fresh water is always available. 

Our Aquatic Center also offers 13 main floor suites with a view of the pool. These suites offer either a log bed or comfy Kuranda bed with sheets or sherpa covers, a soft blanket, a pillow and a welcome treat. Upstairs, we offer 3 large “VIP” suites* for large families and/or extra large dogs who are well behaved. These VIP suites include a full size futon, sheet, soft comforter, pillows and welcome treats. Water bowls and buckets are changed often throughout the day to ensure your pet always has fresh water available. 

*Bunk and Biscuit reserves the right to choose which pets are able to stay in the VIP suites. 

We also have bones, chew toys and soft toys for all pets to enjoy during their stay. You are welcome to bring toys/blankets/beds from home, however Bunk & Biscuit is not responsible for lost or “eaten” items. Please do not bring anything in that is near and dear to your heart.


We do offer suites with kuranda beds instead of log beds for our furry friends that like to chew.



A quiet place to stay and play