At Bunk and Biscuit, we pride ourselves in providing not only a fun and comfortable environment, but also in providing the safest environment available for your pet. There are many ways we set out to do this:

  • THREE DOOR RULE: We don’t make it easy for any dog (or person) to get out of our facility! We have a Three Door Rule in every building that we operate. That means that a dog must pass through THREE doors or gates before exiting the property. This makes it virtually impossible for a dog to escape.
  • NON-BARBED WIRE OVERHANG: All of our fenced yards are 6 feet tall with an additional 15″ overhang with three strands of non-barbed wire across them. These slant inward towards the runs to prevent any dog from trying to jump or climb the fences. Of course, they are NON-barbed so they are safe to touch and no dog would be harmed if they reach them. 
  • RAILROAD TIES: Most of our play yards are chain link fencing with the bottom buried so that dogs can not dig underneath them. A few of our newer play areas are surrounded by 6 foot wooden privacy fencing. These runs are all lined on the inside by 12″ by 12″ railroad ties to prevent any dogs from trying to squeeze or dig underneath them. 
  • SUPERVISION: All of our dogs are constantly supervised when out of their suites. Our trained techs are always with your pets during their potty breaks and play times.
  • SMOKE ALARM SYSTEMS: Every building on our property is equipped with state of the art smoke detectors linked directly to the local fire department. We also have a solid evacuation plan in place for each building. The owners live on site and the fire department would be here within minutes of the alarm sounding. 
  • PET TECH CERTIFIED: Our Daycare Manager is a certified Pet Tech Instructor meaning she can and will certify each and every employee of Bunk and Biscuit in Pet Saver, Pet First Aid and Pet CPR. In case of an emergency, our employees are well prepared!
  • PACCC CERTIFIED: Our Daycare Manager is PACCC Certified. What does this mean? It means your dogs are in the best hands possible at Bunk and Biscuit. To become PACCC certified, a pet provider must meet minimum hours experience, provide professional references and pass a rigorous exam clearly demonstrating an understanding for animal health, how to prioritize safe care and how to conduct themselves professionally. PACCC certified providers are qualified, knowledgeable and committed to pet safety.
  • THE DOG GURUS SAFETY PLAN: As a facility, we are a member of The Dog Gurus, one of the nation’s leading sources for continued education, certification, networking and staff training in our industry. We have taken a Safety Pledge through The Dog Gurus to uphold our facility to the highest of safety standards.
  • THE DOG GURUS DOG EVALUATION CERTIFIED: Our staff members have successfully completed The Dog’s Gurus course on how to properly evaluate dogs for group play. 
  • CONTINUED EDUCATION AND TRAINING: At Bunk and Biscuit, we are huge fans of continued education and training! We are always learning and open to learning as much as we can. We are members of IBPSA (International Boarding and Pet Services Association) and attend their conferences and seminars at least once a year. We collectively hold staff meetings bi-monthly in which we watch training videos from The Dog Gurus, Fern Dog Training, the IBPSA and more.




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