Training Classes are Offered in our Daycare Facility!

Our certified trainer, Melissa Siedenstrang, has brought her renown training program to Bunk and Biscuit. Classes are offered Sunday afternoons and Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Puppy/Beginner Classes:  This is a 6 week course addressing some of the common “puppy” issues such as nipping, mouthing, chewing, digging, stealing food, potty training, fear periods and proper socialization. Class covers commands such as: come, sit, down, take it, leave it, drop it, loose leash walking, shake and rollover. 

Intermediate Class: This is a 6 week course where distractions are added and situations are more “real life”. Class covers commands such as: heel, finish (return to heel position), go to bed/mat/place, wait, spin, relationship building games and Rally-O commands. 

Advance Class: This is a 6 week course in which you will work on perfecting all 10 elements of the Canine Good Citizen test as the CGC is offered at the end of this class. Some things taught in class are: advanced heel, Canine Good Citizen prep, Therapy Dog prep, Minor Service Dog Tasks and CGC testing. 

Other training offered includes: Therapy Dog Class, Nosework Class, Rally-O, Puppy Play Time, Private Lessons and more. 



Now offering Board and Train!

Now you can let your dog learn while you’re away! Our trainer will visit the facility to work with boarding dogs on the basic manners you choose. 

Manners that can be taught are: come, sit, down, stay, drop it, leave it, loose leash walking and no jumping. 

Training sessions are 15 minutes each and the dog goes in their suite to rest in between sessions. Dogs schedules for more than 2 sessions will be worked with on multiple days.

  • 30 Minutes (2 Sessions): $40                                     
  • 1 Hour (4 Sessions): $80 
  •  2 Hours (8 Sessions): $150 ***Minimum One Week Stay***
  • 4 Hours (16 sessions): $300***Minimum Two Week Stay***

At the end of their training, you will be given a complete journal recounting what they’ve learned and how to continue this work at home. A video showing the dog’s progress will also be sent home. *Training is only effective if consistently used with your pet even after they leave our facility. 





Please visit Melissa’s website, for more information and to register for classes. 



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